10 Positive Things About the World

By Nina Lei

Sometimes it seems like all the news we hear is bad news.  When negativity is in front of our faces, it can be difficult to think about the many things in life that are positive.  Here’s a short list of things that I hope will pick up your day, even if just a little bit!

1.      Nature.  Lush mountaintops, deserted beaches, thundering waterfalls, and so much more that we can lose ourselves in and that remind of us of the beauty of the world.

2.      Interpersonal relationships.  We live in a society; therefore we need each other just to keep living.  There will always be bonds between our fellow human beings and we’ll never be truly alone.

3.      Creativity and innovation.  All around us, people are creating new things that bring pleasure and enjoyment, and discovering new ways to improve the world.

4.      Music.  The ability to sing, dance, and create music (no matter how skilled you are), which can transport us to a different place, even for just a few minutes.  And the incredible variety of song, dance, and music that exists in this world for us to enjoy.

5.      People standing up for what they believe in.  Equal rights for every person, values and principles, not getting bullied at school – no matter what the thing is, there are people who will stand up for what they believe in even in the face of criticism, ridicule, and the possibility of pain.

6.      Learning.  There’s always something to learn, so there are infinite possibilities to enrich our minds and hearts.

7.      Playing.  Games, other activities, or whatever it is that brings a person pleasure – being able to play lets every person feel like a child again.

8.      Diversity of people who live in this world.  There are people of every background for us to meet and interact with; no two people are exactly alike.  You have so much to offer to someone else, and so much to gain from someone else as well.

9.      Giving.  Seeing a person helping someone else is heartwarming.  Actually doing the helping ourselves feels even better.  We might not always notice, but giving even the smallest of actions or things makes a difference in another person’s life and in our world.

10.   Love.  Can anything be more positive, wonderful, and every other good adjective that exists in the world?

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