10 Reasons to Go to Therapy

By Nina Lei

 1.      To feel better.  You don’t have to accept not feeling your best.  You can feel better, and a therapist can work with you reach this goal. 

2.      To learn more about yourself.  In your therapy sessions, you’ll learn more about your thought patterns and beliefs, among other things. 

3.      To improve your relationships with other people.  When you’re healthier, you’ll have healthier interactions with others, which will lead to better relationships with your friends, family, loved ones, and others. 

4.      To be healthier, in mind and body.  Therapy helps improve your mental health, which is linked to your physical health as well.  If you feel good about yourself on the inside, you’re likely to feel more motivated to exercise, stay fit, and look good on the outside too. 

5.      To be more productive.  When you feel better, your negative emotions and their consequences won’t be obstacles in accomplishing your tasks and goals.  

6.      To prevent small issues from becoming big problems.  Prevention > Treatment.  It’s much easier to deal with small issues than big ones.  

7.      To take greater control of your life.  Therapy will empower you to overcome the issues that are having a negative effect on your life. 

8.      To learn new ways of thinking that will improve your quality of life.  Oftentimes our negative emotions are a result of the way we perceive things.  A therapist can help you learn new ways of thinking that are healthy and positively affect your quality of life. 

9.      To learn how to become your own therapist and stay on the path of wellness.  Therapy shouldn’t last forever.  Once you are feeling and doing better, and learn the techniques to handle whatever comes your way,  your therapist will confidently send you on your way, knowing that you’ll be able to stay on the path of wellness. 

10.   Why not?  With a good therapist (like the ones who work here: www.mytherapist.info :)), you’re sure to gain from the experience. 

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