10 Things That Are Wonderful About Spring

By Nina Lei 

1.       Being outside!  And actually enjoying it.  Instead of rushing to get from one place to the other so that you can avoid the frigid outdoors, you can now take walks for no reason except to bask in the warm spring sunshine.

2.       Flowers and trees blooming.  They’re so beautiful, how can they not brighten up your day?  Especially these gorgeous cherry blossoms that are flowering now!

3.       Ice cream/frozen yogurt.  Of course we can eat these at any time of year, but it’s just more pleasant to be able to eat these delicious cold desserts when it’s warm/ hot out.  And you know you feel nostalgic when you hear the music from the Mister Softee truck!

4.       Putting away those bulky winter clothes.  No more being weighed down by huge sweaters and down jackets.  Into the closet they go, while out of the closet come cute spring and summer clothes!

5.       Picnicking/BBQing in the park/wherever.  Savoring your food while appreciating the beauty of the outdoors makes your meal all the more delicious.

6.       Playing outside.  Playing sports, running around with your pets, whatever you’re doing – being active is more fun.  No more grumbling about it!

7.       The perfect weather.  Warm — not too hot, not too cold. 

8.       Spending time with friends you haven’t seen (the ones who were hibernating) during the cold winter months.

9.       Still being productive while looking forward to relaxing soon during Summer Fridays at work or at the end of the semester or school year. 

10.   Knowing that summer is just around the corner.  Not that you should want to rush through spring — it is wonderful!  Enjoy! 

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