10 things you can learn at the Trans-health conference

1.     How to try to be comfortable in your own skin (thanks to body focused meditation)

2.     You can buy a flaccid or erect prosthetic penis in any shape, size and color

3.     Parents of Trans youth can be the most supportive cheerleaders for their kids

4.     GRS (Gender Reassignment/Conformation Surgery) for MTF is getting better every day

5.     Sexual orientation is not gender identity

6.     San Francisco is where it’s at for gender research and surgery

7.     Sometimes, the gender binary just doesn’t cut it in terms of gender identity, we need more options

8.     Skoliosexuality is someone who is sexually attracted to those who do not fit into the gender binary

9.     Language is one of the most important tools we can use to educate and understand the rejection of the gender binary and the acceptance of a more fluid way of thinking about gender

10.  The people at the conference are the some of the most open minded, friendly people you will ever have the chance to meet!


The Trans-Health Conference in Philadelphia is a FREE conference, held by the Mazzoni Center every June, for anyone who is interested in learning about the Transgender community.

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