5 Ways To Better Sex

  1. STIMULATE his or her mind before you stimulate their body. Begin with scintillating conversation, whether you’re at the start of a new relationship or involved in a long-term one, flirting keeps it fresh and gets your blood flowing. After all, that’s what we want! Pick a body part and an adjective and see where the conversation goes from there.  
  2. EXPAND foreplay.  It’s about the journey, not the destination. So take your time and enjoy the scenery. Begin with talking, touching, hugging, kissing, etc. Try to engage all five senses, hearing, touch, taste, sight, and smell. 

  3. ENGAGE new things. You would have never realized that you liked that type of food, or hobby had you not tried it for the first time. You can incorporate different things. Mix it up. For example, toys, blindfolds, roleplaying, etc. Not sure what you like or where to start?  Consider visiting an adult toys store and explore the possibilities.  

  4.  COMMUNICATE what you want. It’s more likely that you will have better sex if you simply just asked for what you wanted either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Body language can convey a lot. Explicit sexual gestures come to mind. Or simply verbalize what you desire. Remember articulating what you want is definitely sexy, exudes confidence and you are being upfront to your partner about your needs and wants.  

  5. REINFORCE and motivate your partner.  Positively reinforce the desired behavior by offering praise and affirmations.  Just shouting “Yes” is the simplest affirmation you can give.  

    Start with “I like it when you_____” It feels so good when you_____” “Don’t stop doing____” Fill in the blanks with what you want and reinforce the great sex that you are having!



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