5 Ways to Stay Connected

Often times, in romantic relationships the bond may loosen over time. You may find that the demands of life, juggling a career, school, family, and obligations may get in the way of connecting with your partner. If you are feeling disconnected, here are five ways to help you reconnect and stay connected.

  1. Plan and engage in activities together. Go on an adventure; plan a vacation or trip where you can participate in an activity together such as taking a nature hike or taking a cooking class. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it together with your partner. Couples whom engage in fun activities together share experiences and create lasting memories which helps creates continuity and longevity in the relationship.

  2. Spend time together being playful. Learn to share jokes, tease and flirt with your partner and try to incorporate this daily. Life can be tough, if you can have light-hearted conversations with your partner, it will help you get you through the difficult moments. Partners that can enjoy a good laugh are more likely to stay together.

  3. Date regularly. It is important for partners to schedule a “date night” to keep the romance and interest alive. By making “date night” part of your schedule, you are creating an automated routine which fosters intimacy and bonding with your partner. Dating helps keep the passion fueled and the romance ignited.

  4. Share your passions. Tell your partner your dreams and desires. Then make a concerted effort to recognize and validate your partner’s passions. By sharing your dreams and passions with your partner, you are creating relatedness and togetherness in your relationship.

  5. Be spontaneous and do things “just because.” Over time, you may forget how much you appreciate your partner. You don’t need a special occasion to show someone how much you adore them with a special gift or words of appreciation. Doing or saying something nice for no reason at all is spontaneous and thoughtful. This will continue to keep things interesting and exciting, helping you to stay connected!

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