Offensive to trans* identity or celebration of gender nonconformity?

There are folks who feel this short film offends trans-men, for DJ Ruby Rose is not trans*, but could be artificially depicting one in the video.  Of course, for many gender-fluid or gender nonconforming people, this piece is an inspiration.  Some fans are even making their own versions of the film.

According to DJ Ruby Rose, who identifies as gay, and as neither male nor female: 

“You know what needs to stop just as much as homophobia, bullying within the LGBT Community… A ‘bisexual’ isn’t just greedy… ‘Pansexual’ exists and isnt a cop out.. ‘Straight’ people can be huge gay advocates and blessings to the community…

You can identify as trans without surgery, you can be gender fluid… In fact guess what… you can be whoever you are and like whoever you like and WE should spread the love and acceptance we constantly say we don’t receive.”

See the video here:

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