A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

By Nina Lei 

“Thank you.”  It only takes a second or two to say these words, but their effects can be long-lasting.  How unappreciated do you feel, even about the smallest of things, when someone doesn’t thank you for doing them?  And how happy do you feel when someone lets you know that they appreciate you?  A little gratitude goes a long way.  Gratitude is associated with better health, including decreased anxiety and increased life satisfaction (check out this Thanksgiving article: http://goo.gl/MKHRW). 

Think about your relationships – with friendships, romantic partners, family members, coworkers, etc.  It’s likely that the people who you like the most and are closest to are the people appreciate you very much.  Whether they say “thank you” to you directly or show you their gratitude in some other way, they let you know that they’re grateful for you in their lives.  And it feels good, doesn’t it?  We are all valuable individuals, but sometimes we can feel like we’re just one among billions.  It feels wonderful to be reminded that we are special and that other people appreciate us. 

That’s why gratitude improves relationships, especially for romantic partners.  A common problem in romantic relationships, especially those that are long-term, is that partners get so comfortable with each other that they can grow accustomed to the things their partner says/does, and not voice or express appreciation of these things.  In turn, the other partner feels unappreciated.  Lack of gratitude puts a strain on all types of relationships, whether romantic or not. 

So take a moment out of your day to thank someone and show them that you appreciate them.  It’ll take only a couple seconds of your time and it might just make the other person feel happier for the whole rest of their day.  

If you’d like some help in improving your interpersonal relationships, please feel free to contact me at nina@mytherapist.info.  Thank you reading my blog post! 

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