"A Storage for your Thoughts?"

Wherever I go I see an advertisement for storage space in NYC. There is Manhattan Mini Storage and their funny quotes, there is Storage Deluxe in the bright orange letters, there is Stop and Stor with the big stop sign; there is no shortage of storage locations in NYC.

This makes me wonder. Does our external world reflect our internal world?

We are busy storing our belongings. Are we also attempting to storage our emotions? Are we living in a world where there is no space for how we feel?

I am bothered by this thought. I am thinking of all the New Yorkers walking around with a very heavy storage locker in their hearts. There is a simple solution; storing your emotions with a therapist. Therapy is a safe space where you can freely unload. An added benefit, you will be given great techniques of how to care for your stored emotions. So, when you face a time in life where you once again feel like your stress, emotions, and anxieties are piling up, you’ll have the tools to manage them. 

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