Are anti-depressants ruining your sex life?

Many women have to make an unfair choice between mental wellness and having a sex life. (Click for complete article)




And it's not just women! Psych meds can affect everyone's sex life, and unfortunately people often think that medication is the only route when dealing with mental health. Coordinating care with a mental health provider like a mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist who specializes in sex therapy as well as your psychiatrist can help you get back to feeling better and having better sex sooner rather than later. Some people think that once they start psych meds they'll be on them forever, then just get in this routine of refilling their prescriptions rather than going to therapy, even though cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown time and time again to be as effective as medication.  

MyTherapist New York offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples counseling and sex therapy using REBT style of cognitive behavioral therapy that is modern and effective. You have choices in your mental health and sex life. 

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