Are Our Children Overmedicated?

"...overmedicated by psychiatrists too busy to provide therapy, at the request of parents too busy to provide a healthy home environment. A corollary of this interpretation is to blame schools too busy to provide recess or activities for fidgety boys. And usually the blame extends to the pharmaceutical companies that market medications in pursuit of profits." 

In an article by the Director of NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), Tom Insel, M.D. poses some pretty thought provoking questions that obliges us to look deeper into the Medical field... or Pharmaceutical field... or the culture of parenting in this generation... Mental Health field... or how about I let you decide. Overall all, Dr. Insel does not place blame on any of the aforementioned but rather asks the reader to examine the the culture of our time that may be contributing to a demand of the (over)medication our children.

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