#BornPerfect - The New Campaign to End "Gay Conversion Therapy"

The #BornPerfect campaign will aim to dissuade parents who might be considering reparative therapy by providing them access to psychological experts and those who have been through such treatment, like Brinton. “We have no doubt they love their children,” Kendell says, noting that many parents might believe LGBT people lead more difficult lives and wish to spare their children from hardship. “We want parents to understand there are resources for them to come to terms with embracing their child as they are,” she says, whether those are online or public forums. The campaign will also include ongoing legislative efforts in other states to pass reparative-therapy bans, though Kendell declined to say which will be next at this time for fear it would mobilize the movement’s opponents.

Though conversion therapy is largely associated with sexual orientation, the #BornPerfect campaign will also aim to prevent therapy that is aimed at changing a child’s gender identity, in the cases that a child does not identify with the gender that corresponds with the sex that was assigned at birth. “To the extent that this is a budding practice,” Kendell says. “We want to nip it."

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