"Burnout" is real, it impacts your mental health, and of course it's all in your head-

Do you find yourself stuck in an ambiguous cycle of exhaustion and discontent at work?  How could this happen when you actually love so many aspects of what you do?  And with so many people out of work, how dare you feel badly!  Well, don't beat yourself up, because burnout at work is a consequence of our thinking, and it's so real that research shows there are three different subtypes of burnout.  What a relief that our misery is not a personal failing but a result of falling into a common but negative thought pattern and thus one we can think our way out of.  As an REBT therapist I find that once we identify the type of thinking that is making us miserable, we can uncover the futility of hanging onto it.  Then we can change it.  Burnout at our jobs, where we spend a bulk of our time, IS a big deal and it will impact many of our relationships.

So, which are you? 

The employee that is so exhausted with the stress of achievement, that you constantly complain about the organizational features of the workplace?  The job is holding you back!  Well what happens at your next job when the same thing happens?

The individual that is so bored and unfulfilled with your work that you distance and depersonalize yourself.  It's an easy rut to find yourself in, but it will be impossible to help yourself by becoming cynical and detached. 

Or, are you the person so worn-out that you have no motivation to push past present obstacles?  You used to rise to challenges, and now you are spent.

For short-term, focused and effective help on breaking through burnout, please contact our practice and set up a consultation.

For more on this research see complete article: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/minds-business/burnout-comes-in-three-varieties.html

-Desiree Ryan





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