Change.. It's not always easy..

Change is something we all have a hard time dealing with in our lives.  There is new change, old change, good change, bad change..  No matter what kind it is, it can be scary and difficult. 

Growing up, we all experience the traditional milestones in our lives.  The time when we hit puberty and our bodies begin to transform, the time when we graduate high school, move out of our parents’ house, and move away to college.  Then comes the time when you graduate college and become a working adult - living and working on your own, independence.  All of these changes in our lives become part of us growing up and eventually becoming adults.  We build our life on these changes.

I remember a time three years ago, when I finally realized I was no longer “daddy’s little girl”.  My parents were there for me with each and every one of the scary, exciting and new changes/chapters in my life.  They were there helping me move into my dorm room freshman year of college, they were there moving me out of the dorms into my first apartment off campus, they were there to drive me 24+ hours from New Orleans to New York after graduation, and they were there to move me into my first big girl city apartment.  However, 3 years ago when my lease was up, it was time for me as an adult to find a new apartment.   What I was used to in the past was having my mother come into the city and apartment hunt with me.  This year, things were a little different.  I did all the researching and hunting myself and I found the perfect apartment.  I called up the movers, packed and unpacked all by myself.  When I was settled in, my parents decided to drive down to see my new apartment.  It was not until this time in my life, that I realized I was no longer a little girl, I was on my own and making my own decisions.  It was scary to think about, to realize that I no longer needed to lean on my parent’s shoulders for everything and to realize that there were going to be times in my life when I had to do things by myself. 

Change can be scary, but it’s really learning how to deal with that change that will help you.  Like with anything else, there are healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with it.  If you think you need help dealing with change in your life, i.e. whether it’s moving cities, getting a new job, a breakup, or the seasons changing, schedule an appointment today (, and we’ll talk about it.

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