Cognitive behavioral therapy for medication-resistant psychosis

"Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for psychosis can help patients with schizophrenia who continue to exhibit symptoms despite adequate antipsychotic therapy, a new meta-analysis confirms.

Conducted by investigators at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, the review included 12 randomized controlled trials of patients with medication-resistant psychosis that explicitly measured changes in these symptoms in response to CBT for psychosis." (Click for complete article from MedScape)

Why is this important? You want to choose a therapist who practices a style of therapy that is based on evidence, not religion, spirituality, or new age quackery.  As much as we WANT to believe in quick fixes like EMDR or hypnosis, or in spiritual healing like yoga "therapy", these are not practices that hold up in scientific testing.  Therapy doesn't work over night, but CBT can help you learn to become your own therapist and make lasting changes, even for those dealing with psychosis.

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