Demi Lovato Speaks Up

I would like to share my 2 pet peeves about celebrities and magazine articles. One, I do not understand why celebrities are interviewed about relationship tips. Do you? Second, I love when celebrities speak out about their struggles with mental illness. Here is a powerful article about Demi Lovato, where she speaks about her struggles with addiction, an eating disorder, and later a diagnosis of bipolar.

Interviews and articles of celebrities who speak out about mental illness are admirable because they begin to pick away at the social stigmas of mental illness. What I appreciate the most about articles as such, is the hope it provides to others. These articles allow for others to see that you can be successful, beautiful, talented, smart, anything you want! even when diagnosed with a mental illness.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you, or some one you know, has been diagnosed with a mental illness, its dooms day. No! With the appropriate support, help, and sometimes medication, you can be whomever you set out to be! Mental illness does not stop you. It is not getting the help you need that stops you. 

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