Do you want to know about your therapist's life?

Therapist disclosure is a complex issue, and one that therapists debate within themselves and with colleagues.  It's crucial to create a therapeutic space entirely for the client and their needs, and bringing our "stuff" into the room is mostly at odds with that.  But many clients, and strangers to therapy, find the image of the old-school psychoanalyst nodding coldly, and exposing nothing, to be the last person they want to share their most intimate secrets with.  It's the last person they expect to be helpful.  

Here, as therapists of the CBT/REBT tradition, we won't supply unnecessary personal information, but we strive to present a more egalitarian environment, where we don't fear the fallout of sharing where we may be traveling to, whether we have children, or if we prefer not to miss Scandal.  We're as imperfect as anybody, and some walls are just unnecessary.  Check out this thoughtful take on this from The Times:

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