Does Valentine's Day make you happy or depressed?


By Katarzyna Oskarbska

It is just a few days left until Valentine’s Day. There are many couples feeding into the commercialization of this holiday by spending money on gifts, dinners, movies etc.  However, as a therapist I worked with those who are single and feel more sad and depressed because they don’t have loved one to celebrate with. But is that true?? If you are a believer that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love I am sure there is someone that loves you: your sister, brother, patent, friend, and… don’t you love yourself?? Maybe it sounds a little bit narcissistic but we need to love ourselves. So maybe take the opportunity to celebrate this self-love and pamper yourself: get a massage, get a mani-pedi, read a book, drink some wine, watch a movie… Say to yourself: “I’m amazing”, “I love myself for who I am”, “I love the way I look”… come up with other positive affirmations. Have some alone quality time and do something that brings you pleasure. How often do you have time to take care for yourself in your busy schedule? Probably not that often, so here is your chance!

If you are single and think that you constantly tend to fall in love with the same type of partner, which always ends the same way: break up, maybe it’s time to examine why are you making these choices even though you know how that will end. If you would like someone to help you in analyzing the way in which you are creating your relationships don’t hesitate and email me: or schedule a session online: It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, maybe you just need to evaluate your choices and examine what are you really looking for in your potential partner. 

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