Establishing Safe Spaces for Students' Mental Health Needs

In a recent article on the Media Matters for America blog, the author discusses a piece written for The Wall Street Journal criticizing the current use of trigger warnings and safe spaces to establish a more positive experience for those who have experienced trauma, especially those on college campuses. The author in the article for The Wall Street Journal rather glibly suggests that these warnings, as well as the increased attention paid to microaggressions of late, only point to a need for further therapy for what she considers a sheltered generation. As a clinician, I would certainly argue that trigger warnings, safe spaces, and more study into microaggressions are actually helping people slowly integrate back into their lives after a trauma and even helping those who are marginalized and those who do the marginalizing understand each other in a more clear way.

However, The Wall Street Journal did get one thing right, however flippantly it was suggested: more and better therapy services are needed on today's university campuses. In the Media Matters blog post, they looked a little deeper into the statistics surrounding college campus mental health services. The American College Counseling Association found in a 2013 study that 88 percent of campuses have had staffing problems due to a rising demand for services. It is, of course, a good thing when demand for mental health services increases, because it means that more people in need of help are getting it. But the Media Matters blog post also found that only 56 percent of four-year schools and fewer than 13 percent of two-year schools are equipped with mental health services on campus.

If you are a student in need of a safe space in which to express yourself and get the mental health services you need, please contact our offices. Our therapists can work with your insurance company to get you reimbursed, and we even offer an income-based sliding scale. Whether you are overcoming trauma, having trouble in your relationship, need sex therapy, or are looking for life coaching services, we can help!

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