Express Yourself!

Ever wanted to express your sexual desires? The beauty is exploring what you like without self-criticism and judgment. Give yourself permission to fantasize. What do you find sexy? What turns you on? Is it an intriguing mental connection or breath -taking physical attraction?  There is no right or wrong answer. Often times, we find it easier to ask our partner/lover/spouse for non-sexual needs to be fulfilled but what about our deepest, scintillating desires?  

Agent Provocateur is teaming up with the Anonymous Sex Journal to give you an opportunity to express yourself. They long to know how seducing or being seduced makes you feel, and how you do it at the

As a couples and sex therapist in New York, self-expression is highly encouraged whilst judgment and self-criticism is checked at the door. If you or someone you know wishes for deeper intimacy and a stronger connection in their relationship, book an appointment with a therapist here.

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