Getting Enough Sleep is Important to Mental Health

By Nicolas Gurley
Recent research at Berkeley has indicated that sleep can significantly help
appease the intensity of emotions we experience. We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep. I know that an emotional experience that really bothered me the day before can seem like nothing in the morning if I sleep soundly through the night.
We often hear people say something like “sleep on it before you make up
your mind” when someone is reselling with a difficult decision. This is because your mind is always clearer and more effective after restful sleep. Although we are usually not aware of it, we process a lot in our minds during sleep, which is why it is very important that we make time for regular and frequent sleep in our busy schedules.
I have noticed, and often hear others talk about how challenging it can be
to always get a good night sleep in a place like New York City. I have even heard some people around the city say things like: “I don’t have time for sleep”. Such behaviors and attitudes toward sleep can significantly contribute to feeling emotionally overwhelmed and behavioral conduct that does not condone emotional stability or mental well being.
Experts have made some suggestions on how to favor a better, more
restful sleep, such as curbing your consumption of energy drinks or maintaining a clean, dark and cool bedroom, where sleep will not be disrupted by changes in light of television or computer screens, as well as frequently talking about sleep and issues with sleep with your doctor or counselor. If you would like to further discuss your sleeping habits with one of our counselors we can work with you to help you find your way to better sleep, and therefor better mental and emotional wellness.

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