HAPPY Holidays

By Lindsay Shapiro

When the holidays arrive, it could be a difficult time for some.  Holidays are times that remind us of family, and with that comes a lot of emotions.  For some, it may remind them of the hard year they just had, or for others, it may remind them of a loved one who has passed and is no longer a part of their life.  

Sometimes there are things that don’t always work out as planned.  You may have expected to have a wonderful family thanksgiving holiday, only to find out that your children are with their significant others and your husband doesn’t even want to spend time with you.  I just finished reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.  While reading it, I came across this quote, “keep on keeping on”, and thought what a great mantra to live by.  It’s always easy for us to focus on the negatives, the things we can’t or couldn’t do, or the things that didn’t go as planned.   It’s important not to dwell on the past, the could haves or should haves. 

Remember to take some time for yourself and your body.  Not only can some breathing exercises help, but also spending less time on the negatives and more time on the positives aspects of your life.  Just this simple change, can help your outlook.  If you are having a bad day don’t sit there thinking about how bad it is, go out there and change it for the better.  If you hate your job and all you do is complain, do something about it.  One personal example I have is my 93-year-old grandmother.  She is a depressed, lonely, elderly woman who constantly complains about her aches and pains.  And while I don’t doubt she feels sad and lonely and is in pain, there are things she could do to take her mind off of it.  Instead, she sits in her bed watching TV, day after day after day.  We always tell her to go out and take a walk, play bridge with her friends, go to dinner downstairs.. but instead she just stays in her apartment and continues to complain about her life.  Sometimes it is good to push yourself a bit for your own sanity and well being.  

So, this holiday season, I want to make sure you remember to take care of yourself. Think of the positive things in your life - NO NEGATIVITY!!! Exercise, eat right, and make an appointment with me and let’s work together to get you on the road of happiness and fulfillment.

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