Happy Mother’s Day!

By Nina Lei 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!  We (literally) owe our lives to you.  Thank you for carrying us in your bellies for nine months and caring for us always. 

I love that there is a special day that celebrates our moms.  That way, even as we are caught up in our busy lives, we remember to celebrate them and show them how much we care.  But we should show them that we love them every day – after all, they don’t stop being the best moms in the world after Mother’s Day passes by.  Flowers and other presents are wonderful gifts.  What else can we give them though, that will show them how much we love and appreciate them the whole year through? 

Here are some ideas: 

·         Spending time with them in some way.  Sharing a meal, doing family activities, calling each other, sending texts – every time you reach out is another moment that your mom knows you’re thinking of her.

·         Expressing your gratitude, even for the smallest things.  Simply saying “thank you” lets your mom know that you appreciate her help and aren’t taking her for granted.

Helping with some mundane task that she usually has to do.  Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, whatever it is – take it off her hands one day. 

·          Teaching her something new.  A new game, a new exercise, a new app, etc – she’ll appreciate you sharing your knowledge with her.

·         Telling her you love her!  

Another way to show your mom you care is by working to improve your relationship with her.  Family therapy can help to identify and resolve family conflicts and strengthen family bonds.  Please visit our website, www.mytherapist.info for more information! 

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