Health & Happiness in the New Year

By Nina Lei 

This past Sunday was Chinese New Year – Happy New Year!  During this time we wish each other the best for the new year, including health, happiness, and good fortune.  

While we can’t control our good fortune, we can take actions toward improving our health and increasing our happiness.  Health and happiness go hand-in-hand: we’ll experience more happiness if we experience better health, and vice versa.  But how do you go about improving health and increasing happiness?  

It starts with recognizing that there are thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are unhealthy and are causing you unhappiness.  Maybe you won’t know what these thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are exactly, and there’s a good chance you might not know what their causes are, but just knowing and acknowledging that they exist and are affecting your life is the essential first step.  Because how can you work on something if you don’t believe that it needs work? 

The first step can be difficult, but the second step – seeking help – can be even more difficult for many people.  Particularly in our very individualistic American society, there’s so much pride in doing things independently and “not needing” anyone else’s assistance in order to succeed.  While I definitely believe that this mentality is appropriate in many situations, I think to apply it to all aspects of life is a big mistake with unfortunate consequences.  The fact is, we live in a society – we depend on our relationships with one another.  Human connection is incredibly important to us – ALL of us.  To utilize the help of others is a natural part of life, and it allows life to go on.  So why should anyone feel shame in seeking help, especially when doing so will help them and their relationships with others? 

Another issue that causes people to feel uneasy about seeking help is not knowing what to expect – and that’s completely understandable.  I’d feel the same way if I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to.  Therapy at the offices of Dr. Michael DeMarco is a transparent process – we work together with our clients.  There’s no “us vs. them,” no hiding of information.  Therapy is collaborative.  It’s also straightforward – we’ll work with you on treatment goals and we’ll tell you the type of therapy that we’ll use to help you achieve these goals.  Here’s what else you can expect – a safe, confidential space to work on the issues or areas of your life where you’d like to see improvement. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  Take the steps to make this year the best one yet, by working on improving your health and increasing your happiness.  Contact me at for more info, I’d be happy to work with you on achieving your goals! 

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