Hello to the Pink Pill- do women need a "viagra"?

The pink pill is on everyone’s radar, will it be approved... should it be approved... why yes... why not... Well, it has been approved in August 2015, and has proven to be a bit of a divisive subject.  Some wonder why "Viagra for women" has never been approved while men have an entire array of medical options for arousal problems. Others feel, that this is another case of drug companies inventing a problem so they can sell a pill to cure the invented problem. Some professionals are concerned that women will use the pill with out investigating more into their condition of “female sexual interest/arousal disorder” (DSM V). The result? Women end up on a drug without seeking further therapy.

Like any medication, this is sure to be way more effective when used in conjunction with therapy. It might be great that the FDA approved a medication to help with women's arousal difficulties, but this should not deter women from seeking sex therapy. Arousal is a combination of the body, mind, and spirit. Taking a pill might help the body, but it does not help the mind and spirit- and it certainly doesn't help you talk about what your partner might be doing wrong in bed! Insecurity, shame, guilt, body image issues, and limited sex information are  common factors that interfere with arousal- and pills aren't going to help with those issues.  And those issues are experienced by women AND men.

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