Help from Stress Science

In this article by the Huffington Post, they go into the recent studies that show us just how stress affects our lives. Following are some of the more problematic effects mentioned in the article.

  • Stress can impact our immune system and biological functioning overall for the worse.
  • Your sleep schedule can be hugely affected by stress in your life, which can cause even more concern for your physical and mental health.
  • Stress is a hugely common complaint among people in the United States, crossing boundaries of education level, employment type, economic status, race, age, and sex.

How do we avoid these problems, however? Exercising, having an active social life, and caring for your mental health are among the top priorities to help deal with stress in your life. 

If you feel that you need guidance to get over the stressors in your life, schedule an appointment for therapy with me or one of my colleagues. Mental health care is of the utmost importance, and you deserve to feel your best!

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