I eat this thing called lava fries...

        Life does not always go according to plan; I know this to be one of life's greatest truths. People within our lives can stress us out. Although, once we let go of this notion of control, we understand that can choose how to react life events. Sure that remark was curt but why should someone else's behavior define my self worth? Why should that a two minute conversation defines my day?

        Knowing this at times I have engaged in emotional eating, so yes I eat this thing called lava fries from time to time, and it usually isn't the result of a biological need to fuel my body, but a need to satisfy my psyche. At times of stress (although I have come to recognize my faulty behaviors, and now engage in healthier practices ), I run to the fridge for any carb rich food, to soothe, comfort my anxiety. I would stuff my feelings into food. Although, this behavior is maladaptive, it is of course socially acceptable for a girl (whose suffered a breakup for example) to eat a tub of ice cream and/or other high calorie, fatty foods (or at least in my family it is). Does a spoonful of sugar really help with those negative feelings?

        The answer is no, engaging in unhealthy coping behaviors, do not help to resolve feelings. This is not to say that you cannot have your lava fries from time to time, but if eating them is your only means of "coping" (because that is not coping but ignoring) with negative feelings then it is important to find and develop more healthier methods. Maybe you need a good cry and a sappy movie to watch....for those who were taught by their family, like I was, that crying is wrong; crying is actually a normal healthy feeling, and it is okay to cry. If it wasn't, then why would our bodies have that ability?

        It is important to be aware of emotional eating there is a difference between natural hunger, which evolves gradually, and emotional hunger which typically occurs suddenly and in conjunction with a stressful or negative event. Have you run for the fridge after a troublesome fight? Are you the type of person to explore or implode, when is comes to expressing emotions? Life is not always "perfect," things happen, it is our decision on how we react to those things. Journaling is a great tool to express emotion, especially is you tend to keep feelings inside, it is a way to release anger, and covert into something healthier, like frustration. Then you can decide what you will make of that frustration. Exercise is another healthier way to release emotion, and studies show that it has other numerous benefits, there are other means as well, find what works best for you. So,take a second to think about why you are craving those lava fries, are you using the food as a means to cope with a negative feeling? 






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