"I tried the NoFap Challenge...and it sucked"

From "The Frisky" -


"I tried the no-fap challenge because I was worried about my productivity, especially because I was trying to finish up all of my required science credits in one semester. I was masturbating a lot at the time, and between Reddit and having to read Gandhi’s autobiography for one of my classes, I became convinced that abstaining from masturbation would be the answer. What happened instead is that I became completely and totally distracted by the effort to not give in to masturbating, which wasted more time than watching porn and jilling. This is the half of the conversation that gets hidden under downvotes on NoFap: It really isn’t that great, it really doesn’t increase your productivity that much.

Of course, I’m sure it’s different for me than it is for people who have genuine porn addiction problems, in which case I’m sure that no-fap is a huge source of support. The problem is that our culture is so skittish about porn and sex in general that it’s easy to become insecure about your porn usage and set the bar for what constitutes “addiction” low. I’m skeptical for a few reasons, not least of all that masturbation has some really fantastic health benefits for men and women alike. I’m concerned that maybe by encouraging masturbation abstinence we’re playing into very old tropes about the sinfulness of sexuality, further discouraging women from understanding their own bodies and embracing their sexualities, and setting up a no-win situation for men in which we tell them they must be virile and openly sexual to be masculine but then also they must have a shut-down control over their sex drive to be masculine, as well. " (Click for the complete article)

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