If you’re feeling let down by your partner for some reason, consider taking a moment to determine what it is you’re not getting from them. If your happiness is dependent upon these factors, is that your partner’s issue to deal with? Or yours? It’s important that love be shown, but if you stake your happiness on how it’s being shown or expressed, you’re likely to find yourself feeling short-changed. And that isn’t fair to either of you. inShare

The Pleasure Trap | Psychology Today

You are responsible for your own happiness.  Sometimes our partners express their love for us through ways we don’t  realize.  Everyone shows and expresses love and appreciation differently.  Often, we expect our partners to “just know” what makes us happy.  Our partners are not mind readers!  Communication is key in letting others know what makes us happy.  And sometimes, we should just acknowledge the efforts and things that they do to make us happy, even if it is not always what we expect.

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