Affairs - Anything to learn? Or end of relationship?


Admitting to sex outside of your relationship is taboo. Admitting that sex outside your relationship is actually better- uh oh-  more of a no, no! According to many relationship researchers sex outside the primary, long term relationship (or marriage) is more exciting and alluring. Affairs teach us that erotic sex thrives on the illicit, newness, risky, out of the ordinary. These are characteristics that are hard to cultivate in a long-term relationship but guaranteed in an affair.

But what lessons can we learn from extramarital sex? How can we have the best sex and a committed relationship? The mistake couples make is in thinking an affair means the end of a relationship rather than the beginning of a discussion on how to make the relationship better.  Some people can do it on their own. Others do it with therapy. And many couples find their bond and commitment is stronger than before. Read more about infidelity in the article When The best Sex is Extramarital by Dr. Lawrence Josephs. 


MyTherapist New York offers individual counseling, relationship therapy for those recovering from infidelity, and family therapy that is modern, affordable and effective.  

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