Learning to Become Your Own Therapist

Here at MyTherapist NYC, we focus on techniques that help teach you how to become your own therapist. We don't want to keep you here for years, delving (all too often unnecessarily) into the intricacies of your relationships with your parents and forcing you to spend your money on what amounts to a crutch for daily life at best and a money-sink at worst.

In a recent Huffington Post blog article, they highlight part of what we work on in therapy, which is disputing and debating negative thoughts and beliefs. If you read through the sample conversation in the post, you can see how a simple series of questioning the negative thoughts running through your head can cause a radical shift toward more positive and ultimately constructive thoughts and behaviors.

Radical is what we do at MyTherapist NYC. We work with you to make a radical change to the way you approach the world so that you can use the tools we discover along the way for any problems that may arise in the future. Need more convincing? Schedule an intake appointment or consultation today.

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