Living a Healthy Lifestyle

By Lindsay Shapiro

Many of my blogs over the last couple of weeks have been about self-care.  Part of taking care of yourself, is living a healthy lifestyle.  Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard for a lot of people… especially during the holiday season.

Many may not even realize what exercise and eating right can do not only for your body and health, but also for your mental well-being.  For me personally, if I’m having a lazy day and just sitting on the couch, by the end of the day I feel gross.  I feel like I wasted the entire day and feel sluggish and unhappy.  However, if on those days, I decide to push myself and go to the gym, it changes the entire day for me.  Getting the endorphins going makes me feel energized and like I accomplished something.  The same goes for eating well.  After eating a huge unhealthy meal, I feel bloated, tired, and end up going to bed regretting what I had just done.  The regret sometimes even carries over to the next day, when I wake up the morning wondering why my new pants won’t fit or why my stomach hurts. 

Needless to say, staying healthy isn’t always easy.  For some, it is important to maintain a balance.  For example, eat healthy during the week and allow the weekends for a time to indulge in something you have been craving.  The holiday season is a difficult time to maintain that balance, but knowing that it is coming up allows you to plan ahead to allow for some splurging and extra cheat days.

You may be surprised to see how different you feel with just a small change in your diet or exercise routine, but I guess you wont know until you try it…

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