Meditation- a good adjunct to counseling?


"Meditation has been studied for many conditions, but the studies are rife with inconsistencies, and the benefits found are often modest. A randomized controlled trial of 75 women with irritable bowel syndrome, for example, reported that mindfulness meditation, the best-studied type of meditation, reduced the severity of symptoms. But a 2013 review of the literature concluded that the training did not curb anxiety or depression for I.B.S. patients and that improvements in quality of life and pain were small." Click for Complete Article


At MyTherapist New York we offer an evidence based style of therapy that is modern, effective and affordable.  There are lots of ways to put a band-aid on your pain. In therapy we want to teach you how to fix it, and cope with new pain and conflict that is an inevitable part of life. Meditation might be great. Yoga might be awesome.  Are you ready for insight and change? Let's help you find a great therapist!



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