More College Students Facing Mental Health Issues

Going to college can be a stressful time, whether you're a freshman leaving home for the first time or simply going back to classes after the (not long enough) summer. In a recent report by Boston's NPR station WBUR, they discuss the ever-increasing numbers of students that are facing mental health concerns from all of that stress.

Some colleges are responding in kind by hiring more counselors and providing more robust services, from kiosks that help diagnose potential issues sooner rather than later to groups offering support with current mental health concerns. A guest on the WBUR show On Point sees the pressure put on high school-age youth to get into the "right" colleges and pick the "best" careers has lent to this recent uptick in mental health needs of students. This pressure can certainly lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and overall stress, which can even exacerbate physical issues.

If you feel overwhelmed by new stress put on you in college (or at any other point in your life), please seek counseling to help bolster your ability to handle these difficult times. You can schedule online and be seen as soon as this week with our therapists!

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