More discussion on Truvada, PreP and HIV prevention

This time, from Gawker.  "I've witnessed more frank conversations about gay men's sex and sexuality in the past few months than I have ever before in my life. These exchanges aren't always informed or eloquent, and they aren't always without the cloud of shame that has tended to hang over any discussion about gay men's sexuality since before the AIDS epidemic. But they are, by and large, marked by honesty." (Click for complete article)



And my response - 



All for more open, frank discussion about human sexuality, especially of the man on man type. But I rarely see any discussion of other things that are transmitted via sexual contact that are not preventable by taking Truvada. I don't want herpes, hpv (that may lead to cancer), syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are almost drug resistant, oh and what happened with that whole gay meningitis that we were all hysterical about last year? Are we all vaccinated for the different types of hepatitis yet??

I won't buy a PS4 because it still has kinks to work out- fuck if I'm going to beta test for a drug company. Pancreatitis now- what happens in 30 years? Oh wait - no one knows, because it hasn't been around that long. You think a drug company has our best interest at heart, our gay-sex-loving best interest? You want to give more money to the company that gets you on PEP, gets you when you seroconvert, and now gets you to take a pill if you're negative for the rest of your life? Oh yeah, if you're a white, cisgendered man who has good insurance. We don't all have Obamacare, ladies and gentlemen. And what about people outside of the US who are hit the hardest?

Lastly, and this will be a shock to many - not all gay men want anal sex. I know, I know - what on earth would you DO if there wasn't a top/bottom setup?! Well, my brothers, a whole lot of other stuff that have nothing to do with dicks in assholes. And those other things have nearly zero risk of HIV or other STI infection. You know what else has almost zero risk? Using a condom for anal sex and at least attempting an open conversation about status, detectability, risk, etc.

No sex shaming here- sex is part of life, and a good sex life has nothing to do with monogamy, etc - but no Truvada for me, thanks. Guys can't be bothered to use condoms every time- fuck if I'm trusting that we all took our pills like we're supposed to. And thanks for keeping this in the news - it's an important topic to keep talking about- regardless of how much folks disagree.

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