More Sex is Better, Up until a Point

As a couples counselor offering sex therapy in New York, I hear about couples' worries that they are not having enough sex. Often times they are too busy juggling the demands of work, and raising children to find time to fit sex into their hectic schedules. I remind them that the quality of sex is much more important than the quantity and that there are limits to how much happiness is linked to sex.

In fact, research published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science found that sex was linked to higher levels of satisfaction with the relationship but only until they had sex about once a week.  And once couples are engaged in sexual activity about once a week, personal happiness and happiness in the relationship begins to level off, scientists discovered.  (Click here for complete article)


Sophie is a psychotherapist at My Therapist New York where she provides individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, and family therapy. She specializes in interracial couples and multicultural counseling.


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