My Dog Was Ready To Die—I Couldn't Let Go | Psychology Today


Pets are an important part in the life of a lot of people.  When they die, the grief is just as real as when a beloved human family member dies.  But society doesn’t always sanction this type of grief.  So the person who has lost a pet cannot openly grieve.  They are made to feel like they are overly sensitive, or like something is wrong with them if they need time to grieve.  Unlike when a human family member dies, when a pet dies, it is unlikely that it will be acceptable to call in sick to work, or to take bereavement days.  The person who loses a pet has no formal grieving ritual, there are no funerals or remembrance services held. And if there is a service held, the grievers are looked upon as being “flakey” or “weird”.  

Grief is a normal, human emotion and is the result of a significant loss.  Pets are a significant part of our lives.  This article shows just how significant a role a pet played in this family’s life, and why grief for a pet is a natural, human response.

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