My Lesson In Humor

This past week, I was invited as a guest on the Just Enough Heshy Show 620AM WSNR to speak about "What your mama didn't tell you about sex." Tuesday evening, I excitedly walked into the very professional and cozy studio room. At exactly 7:00pm the show kicked off with the host, Heshy, saying the quote of the day and co-host Esti, chiming in shortly thereafter. They were a lively bunch with fun energy. As the hosts began to ask questions and a lively conversation ensued, I began to feel an uneasy sinking feeling. They were having fun, laughing, jabbing at each other, and giggling delightfully. There was an adolescent sex-talk vibe in the room; remember those days? I was concerned. The work I do is serious, very often sad and confusing for my clients. Though I normalize my client’s experiences, our laughs are usually laughs of true hopefulness. Not jokes. 

Should I point out their adolescent like laughter and some of their stark discomforts with this conversation? Or do I continue with this lighthearted chatter? If you watch the video, you’ll see my decision. I continued coasting along with the delightfulness of the hosts and attempted to reign in on some serious facts, whenever necessary.  Why this decision? It was refreshing! Serious talk often needs serious laughter. I now understand the need for easiness, when discussing something so heavy; the need to create excitement around topics, that people often see none. And most importantly, I came to the realization that the route to opening ones mind to listen to ideas they aren’t ready for, is through humor.  The hosts at the Just Enough Heshy Show do a wonderful job bringing light to the darkest topics. 

So the next time you want to broach an uncomfortable conversation with your partner, lover, spouse, friend; use humor, it’s the way to go :)  


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