NYC Group Therapy: College Student Stress & Anxiety Group

by Lindsay

Having gone through graduate school myself, I know the stress and anxiety that comes along with it.

My personal stress started from day one of school and continues to this day.  I had anxiety about my classes and if I was choosing the correct career path.  Once I got into the swing of things, it was time for midterms and before I knew it, the end of the semester was coming and it was time for finals!  Then came second semester, where I was given a bunch of papers and told to go find a fieldwork placement before the end of the semester.  With very little help from those that were suppose to help you, I struggled to find placement, until wahlah! like magic, I found the perfect fieldwork.

It was now time for my second year.  I remember having a nervous stomach the entire summer.  I was so anxious for my fieldwork and practicum to start.  What was it that made me feel this way?  It would be the first time that I would have actual clients.  I had only been in school for one year.. what if I had no idea what I was doing?!  Luckily, I wasn’t alone.  I had to remind myself that everyone was in the same boat, and the point of these courses (fieldwork and practicum) were to get real life practice and experience.  Besides fieldwork and practicum, I also had to pass two exams in order to receive my degree!  Ugh… would this stress and anxiety ever let up?  Just when I thought it was all over and I survived and graduated.. there was now the pressure of finding a job where I would be able to accrue my hours for licensure.

The point of my story, is to let you know that life can be full of situations that are stressful and cause us to have anxiety.  You are never alone, and everyone feels these same emotions, whether they are from finals, pressure from parents or teachers, roommate trouble, etc.  I wish I had a group therapy session that I could have gone to, to help me through these tough times.  A place where I would be able to relate to other students feeling the same way.  Well, now there is.. join Brittany and myself for group therapy on how to cope with stress and anxiety in everyday life.

For times and prices please contact me at or Brittany

Remember.. there are ways to deal with stress and anxiety and you are not alone!  Talk to someone, don’t keep it all inside.

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