Of Jessica Jones, comics, psychological themes and human sexuality

Did you know comics are psychological goldmines?! Superheros, often dealing with very human emotions, conflicts, themes and symbols ranging from outcasts struggling with not fitting in to gender identify, sexual fluidity, hooking up, and more! There's even a database curated by psychologist that organizes comics by psychological concept to be used as a great addition to therapy. When you can see that even superheros make mistakes, feel unhealthy emotions like depression, anxiety, rage and sexual confusion - it can definitely put your own life into perspective.  Check out the Comicspedia database and talk to your therapist about how you can work in some comics into your therapeutic process- because the best thing about comics is- the hero wouldn't be the hero if they didn't have seemingly insurmountable odds to overcome. So all the crazy stuff that has happened and will happen in your life can really all help you recognize your own heroism!

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