on internet hatred: please inquire within.

From Amanda Palmer’s blog- 

“i’m 36, a weathered, war-torn musician, heavily schooled in zen and compassion and love for all beings.
i have FANS. i have an ARMY of people i can go to for love and support, on and off line.
and still…internet hatred pointed in my direction can TEAR ME APART.
it did its work on me this past fall, while you all watched.

what the FUCK must it be doing to teenagers who don’t have the support network?

the worst i got in high school was ignored. occasionally yelled at in the hall.

bitch. slut. druggie. lezzie. freak.

it hurt, it always hurt. but i wore it like a badge of honor and repeated my standard teenage “THEY ARE NORMAL AND THEREFORE INFERIOR IN EVERY WAY” mantra and kept walking down the hall.

but when i got home, it was over. i could mull, but i couldn’t go on facebook to continue to get battered. i couldn’t google my own name to see what my score was on the great love-hate report-card in the sky. i could make and listen to music, read books, watch TV, and call my few friends on the phone and talk about nothing in particular until we got too bored to keep talking (or until someone in one of our families yelled at us for hogging the phone).

i was, more or less, safe.” (Click for complete article)

Amanda Palmer- New Year's Eve

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