Pictures of Depression

Recently, on the Huffington Post blog, a photo campaign aimed at males facing depression was highlighted. All too often, males get overlooked when it comes to emotionality. Yet everyone experiences emotion. Why subscribe to an ideology that says men are less emotional than women? That effectively places them in a bubble of required stoicism that makes it harder to receive the help they may need.

In our practice, we focus on recognizing the irrational beliefs leading to negative emotions in all clients we see, whether you identify as male, female, or somewhere else on the spectrum. We recognize that not everyone is comfortable disclosing those feelings, especially if they grew up with the implicit (or explicit) idea that emotional expression is a "bad" thing. So we do what we can to build up the trust and rapport needed to create a safe, non-judgemental zone. That way, we can help you begin to understand how you can help yourself become better. Not by denying your emotions, but by recognizing them and, more importantly, their causes.

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