Real World Talk

When I was in my teens and devoured romantic novels I created a true princess fantasy, particularly focused on my perfect love life and passionate sex. I know I'm not the only gal with those adolescent fantasies, but Ye right...  

Relationships are complicated. It's up, it's down, it's flat on its face at times. Sex can get messy, awkward and you find yourself questioning, is this it?

Let's come to terms that our life won't be a romantic novel. Abandon the fantasy. Once we do that, we can pull up our sleeves and begin doing the work that our relationship and sex life needs, starting with "let's talk." The characters in the Romantic novels always seem to intuitively know what the other wants, desires, needs. Once again, Ye right... Not in real world, real time. You need to share, ask, request, talk and talk, and talk some more. Your partner doesn't mind read. They won't know, if you won't say. 

Though we cry and sob while reading about our characters breakups and separations, there is always a whisper that says "they'll end up together." Hmm... real life, not exactly.  It's isn't magical, an overnight revelation of running through the streets to find the soul you now truly know you must be with forever.  The only way you and your soulmate, partner, lover, spouse will stick it through together, is by putting forth the emotional work necessary. 

Catching my drift? It's time to let go of magical thinking and embrace the real world. It's time to invest in a real world relationship that isn't just written on sheets of paper. 

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