Seven Ways to Keep Love Alive in a Relationsip

Seven Ways to Improve Your Relationship

 1.   Have fun and laugh.   When the things you do together start feeling like a chore rather than fun, it's time to add new activities and interests into the relationship. 

2.    Stop controlling your partner.  By giving your significant other the chance to make choices, you are giving him/her the chance to empower him/herself. When your partner feels good about him/herself, he/she may be a kinder, more generous mate

3.    Really listen and with empathy. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Your wife or husband will want to share more with you if she/he feels their stories are enjoyed and there is empathy in how they are feeling.

 4. Be emotionally connected all the time/have sex some of the time. Emotions are what keep couples together long term, not sex.

 5.   Compliment each other. Telling your spouse how you feel about them and that they have done a great job, goes a long way.

6.   Change yourself, not someone else. You have a 100% chance to change something about yourself that could positively impact your relationship. Your partner may respond by making changes in themselves.

7.    Be a little selfish.  Take time to rejuvenate. If you take some time for yourself, it's easier to give time to your partner and family. 

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