Spring Cleaning

By Nicolas Gurley

Spring is upon us, well kind of… But never the less, ‘tis the time for spring cleaning!

I think most people will agree that the past year has been particularly challenging. Well I say spring 2013 is a good time to change all of that.

“Out with old and in with the new”

Lets clean out our mental closets so that we can start fresh!

Why do we do spring cleaning?
Because it is an opportunity to get rid of the excesses or messes that we were holding on to but are only cluttering our lives and keeping us from maximizing potentials.

Why do we like to clean our space when procrastinating on doing actual work?
Because we can think more clearly and operate more efficiently when our environment is clean and tidy, not encumbered by clutter and chaos.

Well what is true for cleaning our environment in this case also holds true for cleaning out our psyches. We have a tendency to hold on to past experiences, good and bad, but often dwell more on the bad. This dwelling only keeps us from moving forward: we may miss out on a great potential relationship because we are so afraid of being hurt again when we were dumped by our ex; we may miss out on a great job for fear of failing again; we might miss out on an amazing social interaction because the last time was such a miserable waste of time.
Are you seeing the trend here? We get in our own way holding on to the past. Lets shed those psychic pounds and tackle this spring with a positive attitude. Lets leave the depression and miseries in 2012, where they belong and move forward with our lives, happy and free of the baggage we tend to drag around with us.
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