Spring is here!

By Nina Lei 

Spring is here!  Well technically it’s been here since March 30th, and we’ve actually enjoyed sunny days these past 10 days even when the temperatures outside have been cold.  But even with the cold temperatures, the rays of sunshine have helped to make the days feel warmer.  No more winter hibernation! 

When the sun is out, I’m motivated to go outside and enjoy myself.  I’m also motivated to go out and get things done.  (Including getting in shape for the summer!)  But sometimes motivation isn’t enough.  Not when our thoughts prevent us from being productive.  

I’m talking about irrational thoughts and beliefs.  Such as “I can’t do anything well” — even if we want to do things well, if believe the notion that we can’t do anything well, then it’s going to be really tough to do things well.  That’s why if you have these sort of irrational beliefs, you need to change your ways of thinking in order to feel better. 

A therapist can help you with this goal.  Working together, you and the therapist can identify the irrational thoughts you have and change them into rational thoughts.  For example, in the previous example, your therapist would help you to see that your belief of not being able to do anything well is irrational.  Can you really not do ANYTHING well?  Even if you’re not the best at something, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do it well.  

So a more rational thought might be, “For the things I’m not able to do, I know it’s impossible to do everything well, so while it’s a little disappointing not to be able to some things well, it’s not terrible.  I know there are some things that I am actually able to do quite well.”  With this new way of thinking, you’re sure to feel better and become more productive.  And then you’ll really enjoy this spring and summer! 

Spring forward and contact me (nina@mytherapist.info) or one of my fellow therapists (www.mytherapist.info), who can work with you to help make positive changes in your thoughts and in your life.





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