Spring is Here! Lets Bring Physical Human Interaction Back into Fashion

By Nicolas Gurley
Advances in social media make it so you can interact with others without even leaving the comfort of your own home. I understand how this can be appreciated during the long, cold winter months, but real face to face interactions are becoming more and more rare. And well loneliness hurts. Lets turn this new trend around and go back to our instinctual social selves. All the generations before these technological advances were able to interact socially without Internet chat rooms, tweets or virtual dating sites.
Sociological studies are showing that a significant disconnect is on the rise, as at least one in every four Americans feel they have nobody to talk to about their personal issues. As mentioned by Dr. Emma M. Seppala in her Psychology Today article, actual connection is critical to our mental health and well being.
We thrive on giving and receiving love, as well as on social interactions and physical connections within our communities. The new social medias, such as Facebook and Twitter allow us a certain amount of social interaction, however these interactions can be said to be somewhat incomplete since they do not provide the actual physical proximity to others that we need. These social medias of the digital world are so darn convenient though that they have a tendency to monopolize over all other social interactions we used to partake in.
Why take a subway for an hour to visit that friend out in Brooklyn for a drink when you can chat with them over instant message - each with a drink by the computer if desired? Why go out on a blind date with someone when you can chat with the person online in the safety of your home? Yes the Internet does make things a lot more convenient, even provides a certain amount of security, but is it really better? I tend to think not.
We are social creatures and have an innate need to interact with others. So why are so many of us becoming shut ins, developing an actual fear of going outside. Just because it is more convenient? Well let’s break this trend and step back out into the world of human interactions!
If you would like to talk to someone about your personal issues but are finding it difficult to reach out within your community or social environment, give me call we can talk about strategies and methods to get yourself back out there without fearing the social anxieties we have come to dread so much. I can be reached at 917-525-2205 x9 or by email at nicolas@mytherapist.info.

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