Take a Trip to the Adult Sex Toy Shop


I think couples don't spend enough time in sex toy shops. Therefore, I was excited to find this article that lists some of the amazing shops around town. Spending time with your partner at an adult sex toy store is a non-threatening way of exploring some of your interests and desires, as well as adding some excitement and change to your intimate life.  

Here is a fun game I suggest you play.

Head out to one of these awesome sex toy shops with your lover, play partner, soulmate, boyfriend, or girlfriend. At the shop, you each take a basket. Here are the ground rules. You get to place 7 items into your basket; no peaking at the others basket! Once you each selected your sexy items, meet at the checkout. See what's in your partner’s basket. Now, you both have 7 cards to play for the 7 items in the basket; 2 "never," 2 "not tonight," and 3 "let's get it on!" Play your cards, checkout, head home, and begin experimenting with your 6 new toys. 

Feel free to switch up the rules, keeping in mind, sex play is only fun and safe if both of you agree. 

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