Taking the Therapy Plunge

It's a big decision. I am standing on the edge of the diving board and everyone's cheering "go for it." The water seems cold and so far away. I bend my knees and off I go soaring up into the sky and then down down down, splash. "Hmm... That wasn't too bad."

This analogy hijacked my thoughts while I tried to make my decision about joining the private practice at the offices of Dr. Michael DeMarco. 

Taking the plunge made me think of you. You're contemplating therapy. It seems intimidating. Perhaps some of your friends are chanting; "therapy will be good for you" Yet you are still on the diving board and haven't taken the plunge. 

Now that I have shared my secret with you about the anxiety of starting something new, you know I'll understand what it takes to take the plunge. 

Here I am cheering for you. I am sure that when you make the call and come in for your 30 minute free consultation all you'll say is "Hmm... That wasn't too bad." 

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