Taking the Time to Enjoy Life

By Nicolas Gurley
Can you remember a time when you find that you have arrived somewhere, only to realize that you cannot remember how you got there?
I frequently see people, and even notice it in myself at times, going through the daily routines of life on autopilot. This is a normal mechanism we use either when we are too stressed out or overstimulated to actually link to our consciousness to get through the daily routines. This can also happen when we are too bored, under stimulated or feel unchallenged by our lives, leaving our minds to wander.
Going into autopilot can serve a purpose when it is to avoid being always, completely aware of all the environmental simulations and stressors or to escape from the boredom and lack of stimulation we experience. In other words this mechanism allows for us to take a momentary vacation from what is going on in front of us. Unfortunately, this mechanism can become unhealthy and somewhat counterproductive if functioning on autopilot becomes a standard form of operation. This may lead you to miss out on some great moments and experiences in life, which in turn could lead to feelings of despondence and apathy. This is why it is important to, at least every once in a while, take the time to actually consciously enjoy moments in life.
If you find that you are constantly going through the daily motions on autopilot and are unable to snap back into conscious awareness so that you can enjoy a weekend, vacation or family moments, I or one of my colleagues at NYC Therapists are no more than a phone call away to listen to you and help you find a way of bringing yourself out of autopilot so that you can take the time to actually enjoy some pleasurable moments in your life.

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